for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Are you still looking for an ideal e-book reader on iPad or iPhone? You probably don’t need über-functional can-do-anything application, but simpler applications do not offer features that you need? We hope that you’ve come to the right place and won’t need to search anymore — meet the readMe, simple, convenient, easy to use e-book reader for iPhone OS based devices.



  • Custom beautiful OpenGL-based 3d page flipping system
  • Simple and convenient interface that won’t get in the way when reading your favorite book
  • Native iPad interface — it is a Universal application working on both iPad and iPhone
  • Beautiful text rendering and formating
  • Support for popular file formats FB2 and EPUB
  • Sort you books by author, name and date when it was added
  • Built-in HTTP-server to load books from your computer, Mac or PC
  • Upload many books to readMe at once by archiving them in ZIP format
  • Download books from the popular e-book sites
  • Built-in help-system to get you acquainted with the app
  • Special day and night modes for comfortable reading
  • Set different fonts for your books
  • Change font size and color
  • Adjust tap-zones for book navigation
  • Full-screen mode
  • Ability to switch off automatic screen rotation
  • Ability to add unlimited amount of bookmarks in book
  • Simple interface to manage bookmarks

Last but not least — we tried our best to make a stylish user interface matching our corporate color that (we hope) conveys fun spirit of our company, and will provide you with many fun hours of book reading. Enjoy good books and quality apps.